Leverage your trusted network

I accompanied my uncle to his friend's granddaughter's birthday where I met this beautiful girl who offered to show me around the city. I'm an awkward introvert, so didn't ask for her phone number as i thought she was just being polite. But later she sent a message to my uncle asking for my number. Hmm... I love Berlin! So, this happened becasue my uncle's good friend was good friends with her. Being his nephew earned me her trust, without having to say anything. We became friends. At the end of my stay, my cousin was suprised when i invited him to my farewell house party which was thrown by my german friend. It is not easy to be friends with Germans, that's what everyone says. But if you're somehow connected to a trusted network, you're in. Welcome!

If this post sparked a thought or reminded you of a similar story from your life, let me know