Making music on the iPad

I've been using iPads for the past eight years. I started when the first iPad Mini launched, I was a student back then. It was the cheapest iPad that I could get my hands on. It got me access to the iOS ecosystem and all the apps that come with it. If you're someone creative, like me, then iPad is something that really helps.

Rough Recordings with your Band

There's this cool app called music memos on the iPad, where I just sing while playing my ukulele and it automatically adds drum and bass line to it. It's super cool, because now I can just record a song and hear it like a band was practicing with me. These are superpowers only iPad can provide.

Can't survive without it

I cannot survive without my iPad. I have Logic Pro on the MacBook, but with my iPad, I can use all the touch instruments out there. I don't have an electric guitar, but I can play it on my iPad. There's so much you can do with touch instruments on the iPad.

A year back, I gave my iPad to my brother because he needed it at that point. And I felt so helpless without iOS. It really sucked big time because I couldn't use my favourite music apps. So then I bought a new iPad.

Music Making Process

My iPad keeps me company through all stages of music making. I start using it during my songwriting process to capture initial tunes. After that I record a refined version and export to GarageBand. Finally I play around with the arrangement and add some loops in. And that's it. This is how I make music on the iPad.

Musical Delight

I sometimes play these Japanese and Chinese instruments on Garageband which look and sound beautiful. I don't think I'll ever get to physically play these instruments but atleast on my ipad i have some level of access to them and their sounds.

Expensive but worth it

iPad's are expensive and if you want good apps you might have to pay for them. but it's worth is because you don't have to buy physical instruments and you get so much creative power for your music.

Long Lasting

iPads are like the Nokia phones of yesteryears. My iPad Mini from 2012 still works. It's gotten slow now but apart from that it has no problems. So yeah, you can keep using an iPad for years and years.