Why we stopped editing our podcast

Most podcasters are not super famous like Joe Rogan, we’re DIY, and do everything ourselves. Editing was a huge time sucker for us. We would spend about 3 hours to edit a 30 min podcast. It was killing our creativity. We decided to stop and embrace being raw. Here’s our experience.

No editing = more creativity

Constraints boost creativity. Keeping things simple is a constraint that’ll help us be more creative. When you save 3+ hours from not editing, that extra time let’s you focus on planning & recording new episodes. Also you could write a blog post, like this one, with the new found time.

Less than ideal experience < More value

Letting your episodes be raw and unfiltered will not bring the best experience for your listeners, but it’ll bring them authenticity, more episodes and happier hosts.

As podcasters we don’t have to dread the time wasted editing so the excitement naturally transfers to the fun things we do to bring an episode to life.

Become a better live speaker

Knowing that you can’t stop mid-recording, gives you the practice necessary to become a better live speaker. So, if your dream is to be a speaker at a conference, no-editing is the way to go. Also if you plan on going live someday and involve your listeners in an episode, this practice is gonna pay off.

Start Simple for lasting Motivation

Remember MKBHD‘s early videos from when he was a teen? They were simple. He didn’t have to worry about working with a lot of gear or editing till perfection. This allowed him to stay motivated to keep going. When you keep going, time makes you better.

In the future, we’ll definitely have AI tools that do the editing for us. Until then, keep enjoying the raw/un-edited episodes, of the Learning Curve Podcast, straight from our hearts, recorded live!